Friday, 28 November 2014

The Assembly of Sirens

Why are we not surprised at the issues raised at the UMNO general assembly? Every single nondescript delegate wishing to make a name for him or herself will talk about the threats to special Malay rights, the Malay religion, and the Malay monarchy?Even Khairy Jamaluddin, the bright star in UMNO, young, arrogant and naturally despised by the UMNO leadership.
Why is it, we are asked to go for each other’s throat, but the leaders of UMNO go to bed with Chinese and to a lesser extent the Indians? All their business partners are non Malays- but the lumpen-proletariat and the proletariat are enraged to kill one another? 
Organisations like Perkasa and Isma and other right wing groups are doing nothing but the bidding of the elite Malay bourgeoisie speaking from the rostrums and the state beseeching others to hate each other.
We take note of these war-drum beatings but then we should not be unduly alarmed. The UMNO assembly is an orgy of rhetoric making. The sirens are having a jolly good time. Come evening time, the puteri and even the wanita members, away from the spouses for a period of 3-4 days, get into their amorous clothing and seek out the forbidden pleasures which the freedom of KL has to offer.
What were spoken just a few hours earlier are drowned in the din of dangdut music, the hopes and fears of the Malays so ferociously spoken during the day, evaporate into the heat of the night .
These are nothing but excuses which UMNO uses to hide their incompetence, greed and thievery. It is always Malays are under threat, their rights are questioned, Islam is under siege and the Malay monarchy is vilified.
None of these are taking place except in the beleaguered and devious minds of UMNO people, embellished and amplified wildly by the media under UMNO’s control. Malay special rights are protected by the constitution and by the sheer force of Malay demography. It’s impossible for any ruling government to ignore the Malay factor unless the government we voted in practises apartheid. That is impossible given that every centre of power is controlled by UMNO.
How does changing the name of roads and streets improved the value of our currency? It’s now RM2.50 to the Singapore Dollar and will soon touch 3 Ringgit to the Dollar. Our southern neighbour which the UMNO people so violently hate is a favourite destination to which they travel to go shipping with their girlfriends and artist mistresses. But this is the country that Lee Kuan Yew, the Chinese thug built isnt it? 

How does talking about the treats to the Malays better the economy of the country and improve our country’s credibility?

They cannot be made better because we lack the most important factor in nation building- Good Leadership, good government, and the rule of law. 

The warnings of Dr Mahathir must be heeded. This country is suffering from the most debilitating deficit of all- leadership. The country is rudderless. 
In terms of foreign policy, Malaysia has faded into less significance. Indonesia under Jokowi is emerging as a dominant force from South East Asia. Indonesia, not our Malaysia under insouciant Najib, looks as the likeliest candidate to emerge as a powerful force influencing geo-politics. Malaysia was noticeable only when Mahathir was PM. That was entirely due to leadership factor.
Domestic policies too are also fucked up. Despite the pronouncements by the country’s leaders that the economy is good, the reality is different. The elects of such good sounding announcements are not felt across the country. Inequality in income and uneven distribution of wealth and unequal access to wealth creating resources remains a crucial problem. And this what the UMNO irritators and tub-thumpers fear most- that the threats to the Malays stem from UMNO’s incompetence and larceny.
The GINI coefficient which measures inequality remains above 0.4 which is considerably high. Relations between racial groups are being threatened by weak leadership allowing unelected groups to raise tempers and volatility.
Dr Mahathir should know one thing or two about leadership. He was our PM for 22 years and despite the moniker of dictatorship hanging around his neck, lack of leadership and decisiveness in dealings with issues isn’t one of them. Najib on the other hand, has indeed transformed into the insouciant leader that he actually is. Good in making thundering fury, but producing little rain.
It’s about UMNO warlord structure where talent is side-lined in preference to sycophantic mediocrity. This kind of arrangement, convenient to the top leadership, is pervasive. It is reflected in the quality of the BN backbenchers in parliament. The most vocal are the empty tin-cans. The ones with more substance are usually the reflective types not easily given to cantankerous outbursts.
It has led to the leadership structure in UMNO at all levels to be dominated by mediocre leaders- the bank jagas and school gardener types. This is the party that wants to lead Malays to the level of supra excellence. God help us all.
The other favourite object of Dr Mahathir’s criticism is also my favourite- pointing out the mediocrity of Najib’s leadership. I hope I don’t sound boastful- but other than Jamaludin Jarjis and the MP from Paya Besar- I know Najib better than all the other MPs. He is the insouciant leader, the political invertebrate boastful in front of expecting kampong people but mousy in front of a critical and questioning crowd.
But today I am not going to write about Najib’s mis-leadership. There is plenty of time for that. In any case, open criticisms from the man who can walk on water are sufficiently damaging for Najib. He would not know what to do other than falling back on Musa Hitam seeking advice on how to deal with Mahathir.
Let us talk how weak leadership and UMNO's dismissive attitude has not helped out Malays. Let’s give the shout-boys something to actually shout out loud.
There are about 138 members of one Persauan Sahabat Karib in Raub who have turned out successful in life. All are Chinese. They owned lands, businesses and as a result of their industry, have become relatively wealthy. They are orchard owners, palm oil planters, livestock breeders, fruit growers who don’t depend on any Pertubuhan Peladang, or any intermediary channels. They struck on their own after being given the initial impetus.
The Malay government gave them land or they obtained titles on land they farmed illegally initially. Persatuan Sahabat Karib is an association of former communist terrorists who have surrendered and adopted civilian life. Most of them worked hard, carved out a living for themselves through sheer personal industry and sacrifices and mutual assistance among kindred souls.
I find dealing with them very easy because they are ideologically inclined. By that I mean, it is natural for them to be on the side of those who fight for justice, democracy and decency.
On the other hand our Malay ex-servicemen who fought against communists, lost limbs are like destitutes holding out supplicant hands begging for help; all they want is maybe 1-2 acres of land, food trucks, a little initial capital and business premises. Ex-communists enjoy a better life than these ex-servicemen.
Why have they become like this? Because the UMNO leaders who sit in the local councils and in land appropriation committees and in development committees are busy allocating wealth creating resources among UMNO members only. 100 ex-servicemen have to fight  it out to get 5 business premises while premises given to UMNO members are never used for its intended purpose but turned into dwellings. Land allocation to ex-servicemen and other Malays are also difficult.
In Raub, the typical response by UMNO ADUNs to applicants is- go to your MP- see if he can help you get the land.

Come, join me we demonstrate on the Raub padang demanding land, capital and business premises. Come ye severed-limb masses, land-hungry people, dismissed and side-lined- come let us rock the boat.
Who is role model? Not Chairman Mao or Guevara or Castro or Ben Laden- but Muhammad , our prophet. We must inspire ourselves with an irrepressible sense of justice, we must refuse to kowtow to intermediaries and we challenge the power structure of any local councils, district offices or even the state.
Just ignore the empty cans now shouting themselves course at the UMNO assembly.It just an assembly of in-heat sirens.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wang dalam Bajet adalah wang rakyat

MB Selangor Azmin Ali mencadangkan pemberian peruntukan RM200 ribu setahun kepada ADUN2 pembangkang, yakni UMNO. Peruntukan sebanyak itu sama dengan peruntukan yang diberi oleh kerajaan BN dalam sesetengah negeri yang mereka perintah- kepada ADUN mereka. ADUN pembangkang- yilek. 
Peruntukan yang ditempatkan dalam pejabat tanah dan daerah itu boleh diguna oleh adun2 dalam pelbagai perbelanjaan runcit keatas masyarakat- berian kepada rombongan( wanta UMNO suka pergi langkawi, ke Nilai, kemana mana bersantai dan membeli belah), berian untuk mengadakan majlis itu dan ini, pembelian pelbagai barang keperluan dan sebagainya. Semua untuk rakyat kecuali wakil rakyat yang memalsukan tuntutan.
Beranikah kerajaan persekutuan dan kerajaan negeri yang dikuasai oleh UMNO memberi peruntukan seperti itu kepada ahli parlimen dan adun pembangkang seperti yang diberi kepada ADUN mereka?
Tindakan Azmin amat saksama kerana wang yang diberi sebagai peruntukan itu bukanlah wang parti Pakatan- tapi wang rakyat. Jika jumlah nya tidak sama seperti peruntukan yang diberikan kepada ADUN Pakatan- sekurang kurang ada peruntukan untuk pembangkang. Kita terima mesti ada perbezaan antara peruntukan untuk adun kerajaan dan adun pembangkang. Peraturan seperti ini kita boleh terima.
Rakyat tidak perlu khuatir sebab wang peruntukan tersebut bukan nya dimasukkan dalam akaun peribadi wakil rakyat tapi diserahkan kepada pejabat tanah dan daerah.  Kecuali saya rasa di Sarawak dimana peruntukan dimasukkan kedlaam akaun peribadi.
Berani atau tidak kerajaan UMNO memberi peruntukan kepada wakil rakyat pembangkang dalam negeri mereka? Tidak mengapa jika adun UMNO dapat RM600 ribu- kita hanya perlu RM240 ribu setahun. Tidak mengapa ahli parlimen UMNO dapat RM2 juta setahun- kita hanya perlukan Rm1juta. Duit itu rakyat yang punya. 

Wang rakyat bukan bapak UMNO yang punya.

Anak muda yang selalu dikuliahkan siapa beri biasiswa kamu dan siapa beri kemudahan itu dan ini- jangan kisahkan semua nya itu. Masing2 mempunyai hak keatas pendirian yang dipilih. Kita tidak ada masaalah kepada orang2 yang berfikiran setelah menerima ehsan kerajaan mereka mahu menghamba-adbikan diri dan bersetia membabi buta. 
Ini masaalah pokok penyokong pemerintah- hanya kerana mereka menyalurkan wang rakyat, mereka ingat mereka pemilik dan tuan dan kita ini kuli dan hamba.
Selalu kita dengan orang menyebut- jangan tanya apa pemerintah boleh beri kamu, tanya apa kamu boleh sumbangkan kepada kerajaan. Perkara ini saya sudah ulas banyak kali. Bila kerajaan tanya jangan tanya apa pemerintah beri kamu- ini meletakkan kerajaan itu sebagai tuhan yang mesti dipuja dan dimuliakan agar memberi ehsan kepada hamba nya dan apa2 yang diberi adalah hasil belas ehsan yang mesti dibalasi dengan penghambaan diri. Bila tanya apa sumbangan kamu kepada kerajaan- kerajaan seolah menjadi tuan dan pemilik keatas rakyat.
Anak muda yang bangun memberontak melakukan demikian, kerana gesaan memuja dan menghamba-abdikan diri bertentangan dengan piagam individu berjiwa meredeka. Rakyat yang berjiwa merdeka tidak anggap kerajaan atau pemerintah sesuatu yang menghimpit atau menekan mereka dari atas. Pemerintah itu adalah wasilah atau jalan untuk mencapai kepentingan bersama.
Golongan yang cerah pemikiran hari ini bertanya- apakah yang mereka boleh capai melalui kerajaan untuk kepentingan bersama. Bila pelajar dan golongan progresif lain menentang kerajaan- mereka mendedahkan perihal keberadaan golongan yang terpinggir yang tidak menikmati kesejahteraan bersama.
Mereka memberitahu bahawa peranan kerajaan yang diujudkan oleh persetujuan rakyat jangan dijadikan jentera menekan dan menindas rakyat.
Kerajaan yang memerintah sekarang memegang semua duit rakyat yang bayar cukai memang bertanggung jawab mengurus dan mentadbir wang rakyat. Pihak pembangkang dan golongan yang menjaga conscience masyarakat memantau supaya wang rakyat dibelanjakan secara berhemah dan memantau supaya pemerintah jangan zalim dan mencabul hak rakyat.
Jika mereka beri PTPTN atau bantuan lain, itu bukan wang diambil dari saku mereka sendiri- bahkan wang tersebut adalah dari cukai yang diambil dari rakyat. Pelajar harus berterima kasih tapi mesti berdiri menentang salah laku dan rasuah dan pembulian keatas rakyat.
Kalau kerajaan tidak cekap, korap, tidak adil, adalah menjadi tanggung jawab untuk semua warga negara yang conscientious, bangun bercakap.


Monday, 24 November 2014

Minggu ini Minggu Ugut dan Jerit.

Kemana kita pergi sekitar KL sekarang, kita lihat banyak terpacak nya bendera UMNO. Orang sudah mulai bercakap ini bendera kumpulan gangster- yang melepaskan budak upahan menendang pelajar university yang merupakan anak2 orang; mak serta ayah serta kaum keluarga kalau masih terus sokong UMNO setelah anak2 diganyang berdosa kepada anak2 mereka; jauhkan diri dari UMNO. Parti ini sudah tidak dapat dibantu. Pemimpin asyik berpoya melayan para isteri bermewah mewahan. Harta benda rakyat habis disapu.
Ini bendera parti yang membiarkan kumpulan ala samseng buat lapuran polis lengkap dengan uniform para military; yang bercakap ajak berkelahi, merusuh dan membinasa orang lain. Anak muda Melayu pun meluat tengok telatah pimpinan UMNO yang dahulu nya malas belajar semasa sekolah, sekarang jadi kontraktor klas F dan lain2 nya tapi oleh kerana jadi AJK UMNO bahagian atau ahli UMNO cekai sekali pun- berlagak macam dunia ini mereka yang punya.
Kita tahu jenis budak2 UMNO ini- lagak di lobi hotel2 besar dan makan di restoren bawak girlfriend tapi mana sudu mana garfu pun tak tahu.
Suatu ketika dahulu saya ingat rakyat Indonesia yang tertekan perasaan dan boleh meletup bila2 masa- tapi setelah saya melawat Bandung dan menyaksikan karakter rakyat Indon yang walaupun susah tapi tidaklah bermata liar mencari mangsa untuk dikasari- saya tiba tiba sedar bahawa yang tertekan dan mudah meletup ialah gerombolan UMNO.
UMNO tidak sedar bahwa mereka hanya sebagian dari orang Melayu dan mereka yang angkat diri sendiri menjadi jurucakap Melayu. Sudah ramai Melayu yang tidak mahu UMNO bercakap bagi pihak mereka.  Kenapa kita mahu membiarkan budak lepasan SRP, SPM menjadi jurubicara bangsa kita? Kita bukan ahli JKKK.
Tapi pemimpin UMNO dan pegikut nya tidak tahu emosi apa yang dihidupkan dalam hati rakyat. Bendera nya bukan lagi lambang kelompok manusia yang megah dan bukan lagi lambang parti mulia Onn Jaafar, Tengku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak. Ia bukan lambang parti orang Melayu yang datang dari kampong, merendah diri yang bangkit  berarak menentang Malayan Union dahulu.
Orang Melayu menentang Malayan Union dahulu kerana insaf bahawa mereka boleh hilang kuasa keatas masa depan mereka. Setelah mendapat kuasa, UMNO sendiri yang menyebabkan orang Melayu hilang kuasa keatas masa depan mereka. Walaupun ada kuasa, UMNO gagal menyediakan orang Melayu untuk mempertahankan masa depan.
Cara yang UMNO sekarang tahu mempertahankan kuasa ialah bukan dengan kekuatan buah pemikiran, kemantapan dasar pemerintahan nya- tapi melalui ugutan menggunakan tekanan, kezaliman, kuasa polis dan tentera.
Orang ramai akan kata- ini bendera parti kaki pukul, kaki ugut, kaki gunakan polis sebagai budak suruhan, kaki yang hantar budak upahan menendang pelajar, menakutkan bangsa lain rakyat Malaysia. kali ini bendera UMNO bukan lagi lambang sesuatu yang dimuliakan dan dihormati oleh rakyat. Ianya sudah menjadi lambang pemerintahan kuku besi atau reign of terror- bayangan kepada sebuah parti dimana ahli nya ganas dan membuli rakyat.
Semua nya hasil kesedaran bahawa UMNO tahu, ia parti yang menuju kepada penghujung hayat- pengikut nya naik sasau dan mudah meletup. Mereka membayangkan ancaman dalam semua tentangan terhadap nya. UMNO sudah tahu bahawa dia tidak mampu mempertahkan keberadaan nya dengan dasar2 pemerintahan nya, idealisme nya dan kemurnian buah fikiran. Kincir angin itu mereka sangkakan naga2 yang mahu membaham mereka.
Ia hanya boleh mempertahankan keberadaan nya melalui ugutan, tangkapan, penggunaan undang2 zalim, dan teriakan mengkasari orang lain. Sedangkan dewan persidangan mereka itu bukan nya memberikan sesiapa yang bercakap suatu kekebalan- namun pihak berkuasa tidak akan mengambil tindakan apa2 kepada teriakan hasutan dan teriakan ugutan.
Bendera UMNO bukan lagi lambang yang boleh dimegahkan oleh pengikut nya kerana UMNO tidak lagi sebuah parti yang mengundang penghormatan. Ia lambang kepada gerombolan yang gila kuasa yang mahu menekan dan menindas rakyat yang tidak bersetuju dengan dasar2 nya.
Kita tahu minggu ini minggu apa- suatu pesta bertanding siapa boleh menjerit lebih kuat dan siapa lebih hebat menaikkan darah gerombolon yang berhimpun di PWTC. Malam nya, para pemuda dan ketua2 bahagian berkepit dengan puteri2 nya dan memenuhi semua kelab2 dangdut sekitar Sentul dan Chowkit.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Emotional Health of Some Malays.

Malays are not thinking properly and rationally nowadays. The collective mental normalcy associated with the Malays is hijacked by a few irrational individuals who become spokesmen for the Malays as a whole. Mainstream media, always serving the interests of the ruling clique of Najib and gang, elevate these individuals as the voice of conscience of the Malays.

Hence if people from ISMA voiced alarmist concerns about the perceived threats on Islam, Malays and the Malay kings- that is the voice of the mute majority. UMNO has spoken through ISMA without having to say it on its own.  That has enabled ISMA to say the threat to UMNO is synonymous to the threat to Malays. If the president of Perkasa says something- that are also taken as the representative fears of the Malays.

And Najib, the back-boneless leader of this country says nothing because it serves his interest which is to stay in power at all cost. Otherwise how else can a party which won 47% of the popular votes stay in power? It already lost the will entrusted by the people. It will now do anything to contain and cut further losses among the Malay electorate. It can do only do this by appearing pugnacious, confrontational and even martial–spirited at times. Najib has already set the tone for the upcoming UMNO general assembly by calling that Chinese must respect the Malays.

To the Chinese, if they do not already know, respect means subservient and pliant to the wishes of the Malay elite who will go on to deceive, rape and plunder the wealth of this country. Please don’t do that.

The once nature’s gentleman ought not to be seen in a negative light as a result of the industry of these irascible individuals. The thinking and articulations of people in Perkasa, Isma and other right wing Malay supremacy groups do not represent the emotional state of the Malays.

The majority of the Malays see the many problems weighing upon the Malays as being the result of the policies and politics of UMNO. They have nothing to do with the actions of the other races in Malaysia. As such, I call upon the majority of the thinking Malays to explain and educate the other Malays that this is all about politics. These are all about UMNO desperate measures to stay in power so that they plunder the country’s wealth and resources and enjoy the trappings of power.

We must resist the deception to lead us into meddling and become busybodies about matters that do no concern us. We must resist the lazy man’s solution of using might to foist what be believe onto others. If I have very strong feelings against drinking- it is not my business to have this belief translated into a ban on others who like to drink in Oktoberfest, make themselves look silly, rolling on the floor or ground and doing all sort of things. That is their business.

 If I don’t like Elton John for whatever reasons- maybe I hate his specs or his platform shoes or his gaudy outfit- it is not my business to have my personal dislike translated into a ban on Elton John’s, Rihanna or whoever else’s concert. Because there are many more people who like these entertainers and are willing to pay to see them. I don’t like it- I don’t drink, don’t go to Oktoberfest and do not go to see the concerts. I will do that despite salivating at Rihanna’s body or BeyoncĂ©’s goyang.

My business is never to let others impose and foist and tell us how to behave and to become conformist. Let us focus instead on cultivating ourselves, cultivating members of our family, cultivating and building character of our race.

We do not pick quarrels and concern ourselves with matters not affecting us directly and conducting ourselves in a natural state of contention and confrontation is not a climate contributing to the cultivation of the self in us.  Let us Malays reject people like Perkasa or Isma.

UMNO which has as its main and only interest in self-preservation and staying on in power, facilitate Malays thinking in dysfunctional manner. When they ought to focus on problems affecting them directly, they busy themselves with problems that don’t affect them or if affecting them, do so indirectly. They ought to focus on issues such as unfair income distribution, inequality in opportunities in education, housing, upward mobility, restricted access to wealth producing resources. They ought to be concern over increasing numbers from their family, from their community becoming drug abusers, drug addicts and so on. They ought to be concerned with the diminution of family values and breakdown of moral values among family members and within their own race. These are the things that affect them directly.

 They ought to be concerned that Islam is being hijacked by extremists who are bent on imposing and foisting their own insecurities and who are motivated by the overreaching need to assert dominance on a not so pliant society.  

Instead, the issue of others affect them violently in the mind. They seem to be concerned with what is not their business. Chinese schools for example. How do Chinese schools affect Malays? Malays don’t naturally go to Chinese schools. Why should Malays be concerned with what’s happening in and to Chinese schools?

I have long advocated that Chinese schools seem to prosper only because national schools declined in quality. During the time when I went to school, where English medium schools had better teachers, produced better results, provided education in the language medium that is a pillar of communication in the world- performed better than vernacular schools of any kind, Chinese schools did not prosper. Chinese parents would want their children to go to Chinese schools up to standard 6 and then go on into English medium schools.

Having given the Chinese their vernacular schools, and allowing them to prosper consciously and by default, it is now not an option for Malay policy makers to snuff out the Chinese vernacular schools forcibly. But if the decline in quality of public schools is reversed and can produce superior results, do not discriminate against the English language, I believe Chinese will return to public schools.

The Bibles? Malays who are Muslims don’t read bibles. Some don’t even read the Quran. So why should the bible written in Malay language bother Malays who don’t read them? The bibles are meant for the natives of Sarawak and Sabah who are not Muslims and which propagation of the said religion is permitted.

Because the name of Allah is written in the Bible that’s why. Because that would likely to confuse the Malays. But if the Malays who are Muslims don’t read such bibles why should they be confused? If the principles of the Islamic faith are already etched indelibly into the persona of the Malays, the bible written in whatever language ought not to affect them.

If propagation of religions other than Islam is not permitted by law, it means we already have a law against it. If some missionaries do that, they will run afoul of that particular law and if found to be in violation of the law, will get punished for that. But the bible is not the problem to Malays. Why should the Malays get depression and go manic over the Bible issue? Stay away and don’t read them. Read the Quran.


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