Monday, 21 July 2014

Burying our Dead- working With or Againts Putin?

Maybe it is too much of watching Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang. I am constantly looking for some alternative explanations to what seems so obvious. In the downing and brutal shooting down of MH17, the world is quick to point its finger to Putin, the Russians and the separatist rebels. But on many occasions things are not what they appear to be.
The Netherlands who lost most of the passengers on MH17 seems to be more circumspect and is refraining from rushing in to accuse Putin and Russia. The Dutch PM is heavily criticised for his slowness and circumspection in condemning Putin and Russia.  Why is this so?
The popular story line is this. It appears that the Russians are behind all this. It appears that the separatist rebels who are fighting to keep Ukraine as an integral part of USSR are the people responsible for shooting down MH17. The American controlled world media wasted no time cultivating the what  appears to be version. And the world appears to believe it.
But what if, the real culprits were the Ukrainians themselves who actually shot down the plane but worked with America in blaming the Russians and Putin?  They did that on purpose . That will provide them the justification to continue attacking and causing mischief to Putin and Russia. And serve American interests in Europe.
Initially I thought this is the correct line of approach. Let us therefore demand the presence of the Russian ambassador and tell him firmly of our indignation and protest against Putin and Russia.
But probably the better approach is to call in the Russian ambassador and work with him on how best we can work with Moscow and Putin in bringing the bodies of the Malaysian who perished home. Bring them home through Russian controlled territory.
Najib may make a big deal about wanting to bring the bodies of Malaysia back home and have them given a proper burial and rites in Malaysia. Under normal situation that would be comforting and the right thing to do. Bring them before Hari Raya? Why make it impossible for yourself.We dont want our dear PM lose more sleep. He did not sleep for two days- our dear PM.
We have to clear many things such as negotiating with the warring factions and walking on a political and diplomatic tightrope and all that. Then we probably have to get doctors do the forensic DNA testing so that we can identify our dead. Can that be done within a week?
Circumstances are not normal- the area where the plane went down is in a disputed and war zone. Malaysia and Najib can continue making un-impactful noises of what they want to do. But we must come to terms with real politik in the geopolitical game.
It’s better for Najib to work cultivating Putin’s goodwill in trying to bring back the remains.  Otherwise together with the other nations, we have to make an international closure, bury our dead where they perished. And this requires working with Putin and Moscow to let the so called rebels bury the dead. Then get our religious people over there and conduct the proper burial rites. We can bring Christian and other priests and Muslim ustazs over there.
I understand in Islam, the dead are often buried where they died. Our prophet and many of his companions were buried at places where they died.Saad ibn Waqas was buried in China.
The term separatist rebels is given by the west under directive from America of course. America wants the present regime that is ruling Ukraine to remain as its proxy state. The so called separatists are fighting to evict the mafia government funded and supported by America. Putin can’t have an Ukrainian state serving as a dagger pointing to its heart or to use a more current comparison have a BUK SA-11 pointing towards its vital parts. 

The journalist from The Daily Telegraph could almost be heard triumphantly saying..Yet there is no difficulty in identifying those responsible for this outrage. People on the payroll of the Russian Intelligence. You can almost feel the writer was talking like a CIA operative.
He puts it squarely on the Russians. … The Russians he said know everything about the attack, down to the serial number of the missile and the names and breakfast rations of the people who ordered the attack. The Russians also know exactly what links there are (if any) between the people who fired the missile and their own GRU command structures.
To sound fair, the writer quickly balances his skewness by saying that the…….Americans will know a lot of this, too. Washington is doubtless poring through myriad satellite images and thousands of conversations in Russian military slang to establish in minute detail what happened when the missile was fired and who ordered it.
And then, he went on… likewise, the Ukrainians know plenty – they do not have the GRU’s resources, but they are highly motivated to follow what the “rebels” and “separatists” are doing.
But the Russians he finally came around… is that the Russians – who know the most about it – are refusing to hand over to the world everything they know. Nor are they throwing their weight behind a rapid international effort to help the victims’ families by sealing and investigating the crash area in a normal way. Instead of a principled, helpful and sensitive response from Moscow, we see a macabre spectacle of diplomatic bluster and evasion while the crash site is despoiled and manipulated. Murky alterations to the Wikipedia MH17 site are traced to Russian official buildings. Bodies are piled in unguarded railway refrigerator wagons. International officials are threatened at gunpoint by belligerent fanatics loyal to Moscow. Russia stands accused for not using all its influence to push the rebels out of the way so that normal international procedures can take place.
That is the story he and the western world wants us to believe. But like I said, what if, the Ukranians were the ones who did it? And put the blame on Russia and Putin?


Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Coming Emergency Parliamentary Session.

When PM Najib announced on TV that he is calling for an emergency session of parliament, I wanted to say bravo. He has acted decisively as he should. Otherwise, like I said previously, we have an insouciant PM.
Then I began to see a bigger picture. This time around, how come Najib isn’t shy to call up parliament? In the MH370 case, the opposition had to press strenuously for a special parliamentary briefing without success. Hishamudin promised to hold one for opposition MPs which he never did. And we can’t expect much more from the ow..ow minister since he has been replaced by Liow the must be minister MCA leader.
So how come in this instance, Najib is quick off the springboards? By questioning his decisive response we are in no way trivialising the intensity of emotions that sprung around the downing of MH17. The whole nation is in mourning; we lost 44 Malaysians on board including 2 infants I believed. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims’ surviving families. We feel the anguish and the sense of unspeakable loss.
But why the different treatment between MH17 and MH370? Because this time, the blameable cause of the heinous crime is known. The plane was shot down. It must be done by anyone of the parties in the war zone- the Russians, the Ukraine government and the separatist rebels supported and financed by Russia. The blameable party is not the Malaysian government. So Najib is quick off the starting blocks compared to MH370.
Two, Najib wants to leverage on the world spotlight. The world’s major leaders are all united in the condemnation of this unconscionable act. Najib must be seen to be doing something which can be read as befitting of a leader claiming world stature. What better way that to present to the world, Malaysia’s parliament is solidly behind the otherwise invertebrate PM.
Malaysians are kinder to their PM. Elsewhere in western democracies, the people deal with the matter as a matter of factly. If you are incompetent or reckless, expect the criticisms to be direct and less circumspect. You lembik means you are lembik, you are dullard, you will be called one directly.
The most powerful man in the world today, Barack Obama devoted less than a minute referring to the downing of MH17. He was widely rebuked via twitter. President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 298 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, a casual mention by the US president describing the catastrophe as 'it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.
In our country, how? We are actually fed up of the business as usual approach of the PM and his cabinet members. It’s pointless to debate whether the plane took precautions- that is academic already. The plane was shot down by criminals and terrorists using a BUK Missile SA- 11 . Most probably by separatist rebels patronized by Russia. The immediate step would have been for the Foreign Misniter to haul the Russian Ambassador in and tell him firmly that we hold Russia to be responsible for this heinous crime in which 298 lives perished.
Apparently all the PM and the bewildered transport minister( we should have told him to stay on in China, don’t come back let Hishamudin handle this matter) could come up with are the usual blasé clichés,  we will leave no stones unturned and asking for swift justice to be taken. Asking who la tuan?
If so then despatch Anifah Aman or a person more capable to the UN assembly and call for an emergency session to denounce this heinous crime and to demand international bodies to capture the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
America with all its sophisticated spying equipment know who were the perpetrators. We must strongly request USA to share information with us. The Ukrainian government must also share responsibility over this crime. It must be asked to provide all necessary facilities and assistance to us. It is still not exonerated from this crime.
There is growing conviction among many, that the culprits and perpetrators are separatist rebels who are backed by Russia. If Putin remains isolated and detached, this will hurt Russian image abroad. That is why we are surprised Anifah Aman has not called in the Russian ambassador. Or call him to the emergency parliament session so that he can witness directly the anguish of the whole nation.


The Ancient Covenant: Chief Broad Leaf and Seri Teri Buana.

A few days back I wrote an article about an ancient covenant between the king and his subject. The article was written in Malay. It tells us about the covenant between Demang Lebar Daun (Chief Broad Leaf) and Seri Teri Buana.
Chief Broad Leaf is the symbol of the obedient, pliant and subservient Malay. He has a high threshold of tolerance. He suffers injustice, abuse and exploitation with the patience of Job. Seri Teri Buana is the symbol of the Malay ruler whose being is infused with mystical qualities of the netherworld.
The story about this ancient covenant seems most relevant in light of the scolding and public dressing down given to Khalid Samad by HRH Sultan of Selangor. Many Malays thought this is perilous for Khalid Samad. A king has openly chastised and reprimanded Khalid. It is the end of the world for Khalid Samad. Even among his party men, the closet feudals are screaming for his blood.
As a result, the apple polishers and professional boot-lickers have come out in full force. Many are asking for Khalid’s pound of flesh and blood. Others have pontificated that living in Selangor, one must understand the state laws.
The message should be abundantly clear. The Malays want a return to absolute monarchy when they can be king in the eyes and sultan at heart.
I thought English speaking readers would be interested to see how common folks see the tiff between Khalid Samad and the Sultan of Selangor. Some people are happy to hear Khalid Samad being scolded. People from Perkasa are urging Khalid to be punished. What was the law contravening offence? People at MAIS are already behaving like they are immune from legal responsibilities. They are not.
When a subject is berated and scolded in public that is not the end of the world. Only people with vested interests such as UMNO politicians in Selangor and pro UMNO elements in MAIS would want to elevate the public pronouncements of the King beyond a status they deserved.
The King was angry- granted. But those lesser kings around the real king are all hankering for Khalid’s blood in addition to his pound of flesh- what’s with them?  As the Malay saying goes- the tea spoon is behaving more than a ladle.
The words spoken by the King are not life-ending laws and should be treated as they were- an outpouring of personal anger that ought not to be translated into more. Into more means such things like Khalid Samad must be stripped of his stature as MP or he is declared persona non grata. Only the UMNO black-shirts would salivate as such prospects because they know, they can never get Selangor back, not in a million years.
And only the political parasites would exploit the incident.
The Malay covenant between the King and subject is said to begin with the agreement between Demang Lebar Daun( Chief Broad-Leaf)  and Seri Teri Buana. This agreement took place at a time before time. No one knows when. In England, they have the Magna Carta or Magna Carta libertatum.  It was an agreement made between the barons of England and their King.
Now, the agreement between Demang Lebar Daun and Seri Teri Buana was not a complete charter like Magna Carta. It however shares some slight similarity as it is also an attempt to restrict the brutishness of the King. The ancient covenant between Demang lebar Daun and STB outlined the powers of the King and subjects only on one particular subject matter- loyalty ad fealty.
It provided clearly that the King shall never trespass, denigrate, denounce and humiliate his subjects. The king shall never have his subjects killed, liberties taken except in accordance to Sharia laws. In return, his subjects shall never rebel; usurp and shall stay loyal to the king. As long as the king keeps his peace, the subjects will never rise up against him.
The ancient covenant also provided that of the King transgresses on his promise, then the whole nation will be imperiled.
This is the first mentioned agreement between a ruler and his subjects. It was a bilateral oath making promise between a ruler and his subjects. I supposed they shook hands on that. The consideration given by Demand Lebar Daun who can be said to be the father of all pliant and submissive Malay subject was his beautiful daughter.
This isn’t an irrational thing to do one might add- many hundred years later, Lee Kuan Yew practised a similar policy. To prevent dullards begetting dullards, Lee Kuan Yew proposed marriage and procreation of the smarts while preventing the less gifted from producing more than the bright stars. People like demang lebar daun also knew the art of Eugenics and would give their daughters to the most powerful, the better physically endowed, the most talented, the richest etc. - to ensure the next generation is made of the Aryan race.  Well not exactly an Aryan race- but a better race.
Nothing interests the primordial Malay ruler other than satisfaction of the violent surges of the loins. In return, the symbol of the Malay master- a person by the name of Seri Teri Buana( who later became Sang Nila Utama- the founder of Singapura) gave nothing except the presence of his august and divine being. And a promise not to carry our heinous acts of humiliating the pliant subjects.
The story began with Seri Teri Buana, aka STB in the spirit of NEM, ETP, GTP, NKRA, PDP etc cannot contained the violent urges of his loins. He must have them appeased. So he took to marrying the lively and nubile lasses of the land. But after each consumption, the lady in questioned would awaken the next day only to find herself afflicted with some form of disfiguring skin disease.. Perhaps leprosy. So what to do? I am king- I can marry some more.
STB can be regarded as the first representative of Malay rulers.  Many of were descended from mythical origins befitting the netherworld. Some manifest themselves from cows’ vomit; others were found in the impregnated part of bamboo tree( anak buoh betong) and some simply appears mysteriously out from nowhere.
Back to our horny Seri Teri Buana. After 39 ladies failed his test, he was told than his man-Friday- the every pliant Chief Broad Leaf was said to have a beautiful daughter named Wan Sundaria. STB wasted no time in asking for her hand in marriage. Fearing for the fate of his daughter, Demang Lebar Daun told Seri Teri Buana of his wish to enter into a covenant. The covenant soon became the primordial agreement between the ruler and subject.
The main points of the wa’ad or covenant were:-  
On the first instance- on the part of all the subjects, the king must take good care of them. They were not to be castigated, humiliated and scolded in public. Even the taking of life of the subject must be in accordance to sharia law. If the king does that, the subjects will offer undying loyalty and fealty.
On the part of the rakyat, the descendants of Chief Broad Leaf shall never rise against the King and his descendants. Chief Brad Leaf agreed to be bonded by this covenant provided the descendants of Seri Teri Buana will not transgress.
This ancient covenant has forever shaped and structured the relationship of the Malay rakyat and the King. Up to this day, the Malay rakyat has never rose against the King while no king has humiliated and shamed the Malay rakyat.
That is until now. A descendant of Seri Teri Buana has publicly shamed and humiliated a descendant of Chief Broad Leaf. So what now?
How will a common  rakyat defend himself against the trespass of his person and dignity?
The answer is blowing in the wind- abolish the sedition Act 1948 and see and hear how the rakyat feel.


Friday, 18 July 2014



Flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was believed to have been shot down over eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian militants on Thursday, killing all 295 people aboard.
Words failed me in this instance. No words and expressions can fully capture the grief, sorrow, sense of unspeakable loss and sadness experienced by the families of those who perished on MAS Flight MH17.
Together with all Malaysians, I offer my deepest condolences to the families of those who perished. Together we mourn the loss of loved ones, friends and family members.
To Muslim victims, May Allah have mercy on them and admit their souls among the pious and the blessed. To the non-Muslim victims, may they Rest in Peace and May God have mercy on their souls.

Penerbangan MH17 , dari Amsterdam ke Kuala Lumpur yang dijadual tiba pagi ini, diberitakan telah dibedil dengan surface to air missile oleh puak militen pro Rusia di sempadan Ukraine. Bedilan itu membunuh semua 295 penumpang.
Tidak ada kata2 yang boleh menzahirkan rasa terharu, hiba dan sedih yang menyelubungi keluarga, sahabat handai dan orang2 terdekat penumpang MH17.
Bersama sama seluruh rakyat Malaysia, saya menyertai mereka menyampaikan ucapan takziah kepada keluarga mangsa.
Kepada mangsa yang beragama Islam, saya mendoakan semoha Allah menempatkan roh2 mereka bersama dengan pada syuhada dan mereka yang dikasihi Allah.
Kepada yang bukan beragama Islam, semoga mereka kekal damai dan semoga Tuhan mengurniakan ehsan keatas roh2 mereka.


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